$149.00 $200.00

You paid top dollar for your cryptocurrency. If you do not properly store your stash, you don't really own it. Do not let centralized exchanges and thieves steal your hard-earned digital money!

Cryptocurrency exchanges have gone bankrupt, wiping away entire balances. Hackers have stole millions in Bitcoin. Although a well-designed cryptocurrency is unhackable and immutable, this does not mean your computer is invulnerable. A hacker can still install a keylogger and steal your exchange password, transmitting all your funds to his account. You would not buy a house or drive a car without insurance. The same should apply for cryptocurrency. In fact, entire fortunes worth more than mansions or Lamborghinis have been lost from improper storage. Do not wait - because the hackers won't.

Size 5.9x5.9x5.9 in.
Weight 3.84 ounces
Touchscreen? Yes
  • Brandon Powers Aug 08, 2018

    The Trezor Hardware wallet is the pinnacle of cryptocurrency hardware storage. It's proprietary systems have been audited by leaders of the security industry. Trezor is an industry leader, being the first hardware wallet provider. Our outlook on the team is strong. We believe they are currently the best option, and will also remain the best for many years to come. This is their top-line wallet. Do not save when it comes to security. because hackers certainly will not save any effort to steal your hard-earned money.