Eating out can be addictive, and for a good reason. You get to eat some pretty delicious food without having to cook it yourself or clean everything afterwards. However, eating out too often can get really expensive.

But we get it, nobody wants to stop eating out and just eat at home every day. So, instead of having to quit it, you can lean how to eat out without having to spend a fortune every time you do so.

What we are about to show you are some simple tips to save up some money, but if you keep in mind, you will be able to eat out more often than before, without spending that much.

Pick wisely

Let’s face it, some restaurants are simply overpriced and will sell you plates that are over $100 in a heartbeat. And, as tempting as it is to eat there, maybe going for a more regular-priced restaurant is the best option when it comes to save up money.

You can even find some pretty luxurious restaurants that have a great variety of prices to choose from. That’s where you want to eat! You will get very delicious food for a great price, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Choose your type of restaurant.

This kinda goes along with the very first tip. Usually, self served and fast food restaurants are way cheaper than other types of restaurants, so of course, it is best for your wallet if you choose to eat there.

Buffets and fast foods kinda restaurants are the best kind of restaurants (Think about Chipotle and McDonald’s for example). And are a great option if you really want to eat out, but don’t want to spend that much.

Ask for water whenever you can.

When ordering food at any restaurant, specially more pricey ones, a great and easy way to save up some money is choosing to drink water instead of soda or any other kind of drink.

Most restaurants will serve you water right away, which is included in the services, this way, you won’t even have to ask for any beverage and will save up a little bit more.

Be aware of the special discounts.

A lot of restaurants, specially fast food places, have special discounts or special menus that offer great food for a significantly less price. These kinds of discounts are almost always up during lunch time, so be aware of that!

All you have to do is be on the lookout for when you can order these special menus and get to your favorite restaurants. It is a great and cheaper option to eat out without having to spend more than $20.

Split the bill.

If you’re going out with your partner, or even with friends, make sure to split the bill between everyone, that way you can go out and have a great night and still spend less than you would have thought.

Another great tip is sharing the meal and splitting the bill. For example, if the meal is big enough for two, you can order one plate and two beverages! And then, of course, split the bill.

Don’t order dessert.

I know, dessert is the best part of eating out. However, most restaurants will charge you outlandish amounts for a small portion. Instead of buying dessert from a restaurant, get it from a grocery store and eat it at home.

Try focusing on spending only on actual food and leaving dessert for another location. Chances are you will be too full to actually care for a dessert anyways!

Get it on the go.

Lastly, it is always cheaper to order food on the go instead of sitting down to eat at the restaurant, because you won’t have to pay for the actual service.


Brandon Powers

Frugality educator and minimalism evangelist. Committed to teaching you, your friends, and your family how to save money.