Getting to travel and explore the world is probably on the top of everyone’s list of things to do before they die. But most people never dare to do it, because they think it is too expensive.

And yes, traveling around the world might be a bit expensive, but there are ways to do it while sticking to your budget! Traveling can be budget friendly if you know how to cut down some expenses.

If you’re thinking about dropping everything to explore the world, we’ve got five great ways to do this without expending too much money. You’ll get to visit your favorite places AND save up some money. What else could you ask for?

Travel off season.

Everyone wants to travel overseas during the summer and winter vacations. It’s a common desire. Which is why airlines tend to raise their prices during these specific seasons.

This means, a ticket that could have costed you around $500, might cost you up to $1000, all because you chose to travel during the busy season. Save yourself some money (and some stressful time) and make sure to travel off season.

Traveling during these months means getting cheaper flight tickets, cheaper hotel prices, and of course, not having to deal with the thousands of tourists visiting the same exact location as you.

Stay in cheaper hotels or hostels.

Instead of going for the big, luxurious hotels to stay during your vacations, maybe go for hotel chains, which are also incredibly nice but considerably more cheaper than the others.

You can get great rooms for reasonable prices that will really help you save up some money during your whole trip. But, if you feel like saving up even more and experience something different, you can stay at hostels.

Staying at hostels usually mean you get to share a bedroom and common spaces with others. Nowadays, there are some pretty amazing hostels that are all about giving the people the experience to live surrounded by strangers and maybe even get the chance to make new friends. They are a great, super affordable option.

Buy city passes, if necessary.

If your are planning to visit different cities while traveling around the world, chances are you will want to see all the great tourist spots they have to offer, most of which you have to pay to get in.

So, instead of wasting money paying for every little thing you want to visit and see, try getting a city pass. They usually include access to the most popular tourist places in the city, and some even cover up the public transportation, which is also a great way to save up money.

Go for cheaper destinations.

Now, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to visit and get to explore your favorite places, but you have to be smart about it. It is more expensive to visit Dubai than visiting Sydney, Australia… See the difference?

Choose countries or cities that are cheaper. You’ll save up more money this way, and, if the place you chose is close enough to a major tourist location, you can simply take a car ride there and back, without having to necessarily stay there (For example, when visiting NYC, instead of staying in New York, you could try staying in New Jersey).

Buy as much as food as you can in the supermarket.

This applies especially for big roadtrips or travels to natural locations. Buying food in restaurants will force you to spend more money than you really should. Try to get as much as food as you can from the supermarket to cook them later on.

There are some pretty good choices to pick from when getting food at the supermarket to eat for breakfast, dinner or lunch, and they are usually considerably cheaper than eating out every day.


Brandon Powers

Frugality educator and minimalism evangelist. Committed to teaching you, your friends, and your family how to save money.