We all wish we could have a bank account with endless amount of money to spend. However, that’s not how the world works, and we need to learn to take proper care of our finances. The easiest way to do that is by saving money.

But don’t worry! Saving money doesn’t have to be this horrible thing when you stop buying things you like, not at all. It isn’t about not buying, but being smart when doing so.

That being said, take a seat and learn five easy ways to save up money in a smart way, and watch your bank account become more and more stable by by following these simple tips and tricks.

Keep track of your expenses.

Have you ever stopped for a minute to think “Where did all my money go?!” Yeah, we have all been there. It’s pretty normal. But there’s an easy and quick way to stop that from happening: keeping proper track of your expenses.

Write down every little thing you buy, whether in a notebook or in your phone. Keep a list of everything you buy or pay for. From getting a cup of coffee to paying the rent, write everything down.

Saving money becomes easy when you actually know where you are spending it. This way you are able to see where you need to cut down the spending and save your hard earned dollars.

Do proper grocery shopping and avoid eating out so often.

Most people prefer eating out for one of two reasons: One, they don’t have anything at home; and two, it is quicker that way. However, eating out so often is a big waste of money you could be saving.

Invest into going grocery shopping once every one or two weeks. Be smart when buying and go for packages deals that are cheaper. Also, it’s always a good idea to buy accordingly to what you are planning to eat for the week. This way, you buy exactly what you will eat, and cut down expenses significantly.

If you do this, it is way easier to resist the urge of eating out during the week, especially if you take the time to actually do some meal prep. If you do, you won’t have any excuses not to eat at home.

Set a realistic saving goal.

There is no better way to motivate yourself to save up money if you know what you are working towards for. By setting up a realistic saving goal, you will accomplished once you reached it, and that will result in you saving even more money.

Set weekly and monthly goals. Try to save a minimum amount each week and month and try your best to either reach it or get pretty close to it. Even better, set up a goal and what you will use it for.

For example, set a monthly goal and use that money to go on a mini shopping spree. Or save it to buy that phone you want so much. The idea is to envision how you’ll save the money, and for what you will be using it.

Think about it before actually buying something.

Sometimes we buy things out of impulsive behaviours only to later find out we didn’t really need that thing, or didn’t really want it. So, the next time you think you have to buy something, sit on it for a while.

Better yet, follow the 48 hours rule, which is based on waiting 48 hours (two days) before buying something. If the time passes and you still want to buy that thing so desperately, then go and do so.

Use Frugga.

Coupons are your friends when it comes to saving up money, and the best way to find these coupons is through Frugga. We will provide you links to different coupons you can use before purchasing anything.

Not only will you get discounts on all sorts of goods, but you can even get some pretty amazing deals that will allow you to save up money so much faster. It is an easy, budget friendly way to cut down expenses quickly without having to stop buying your favorite things.


Brandon Powers

Frugality educator and minimalism evangelist. Committed to teaching you, your friends, and your family how to save money.